What is a Swamp Buggy Excavator?

Marsh equipment meets the challenge of wetlands and soft-terrain by combining buoyancy with the maneuverability of a tracked vehicle.

Why it's also called Low Ground Pressure Equipment?

Low ground pressure equipment is heavy equipment that has been specially designed to spread the weight of the equipment over a larger area. This allows it to move across terrain that is too soft for r

What are Wetlands?

Wetlands are areas where water covers the soil, or is present either at or near the surface of the soil all year or for varying periods of time during the year, including during the growing season.

Why the Amphibious Equipment, Marsh Equipment or the Low Ground Pressure Marsh Equipment is needed other than the Conventional Construction Machines?

Oil and gas are mainly located in the coastal marshes. Getting men and machinery into the swampy soft terrain to retrieve the oil and gas presented a lot of problems. A machine was needed with a very

Are the Amphibious Equipment Easy to Operate?

Yes. All of the operations of the marsh excavator controls remain the same. Personnel or cargo carrier controls closely resemble those of the common bulldozer. Certain precautions have to be abided by

Is the Machine Likely to Get Stuck?

No. The large footprint, low ground pressure and amphibious capabilities along with the high torque tracking system can get our machine out of just about every bog.

Can these Machines Navigate Waterways?

Our machines have extremely strong drawbar pulling capabilities. The tracking system is a high torque system; the tracks do not spin fast enough to propel the machine in moving water. We often tow the

What kind of Equipment can be Mounted on these Machines?

We build several models of amphibious crafts designed to carry excavators, draglines, and other special applications. Most model excavators can be mounted.

Where can we get the Spare Parts of the Amphibious Undercarriages?

Wearing parts as rollers, pins, bush or track shoes are usually ordered and shipped together with the machine. As a matter of fact, thanks to the goods performance of our machine on the corrosion resi

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